We Create. You Celebrate!



Welcome to A Little Bash!  We Create. You Celebrate! We are glad you found your way out of the mundane.

ALB_LOGO_smallWHO: A fabulous creative team to take the weight of planning your BASH off your shoulders and make it memorable to boot! More details on our About US Page.

WHY: We know first hand what it is like to attend the same old party time and time again. Same decorations, same entertainment and sometimes the same menu. We want to eliminate the status quo and make you the talk of the town for your BASH.

HOW: Simple, YOU. Yes you. We take your ideas or give you some and make it revolve around YOU, the most important person in these unique experiences. We make YOU the talk of the town after your BASH!  It is unique, one of a kind and memorable. Let us help you plan a unique BASH above the norm.

WHEN: Check your Calendar :-)

WHERE: Your place or we will gladly find you a chic or hip venue.


WHAT ELSE: We also help people upgrade their Home Entertaining Style & Skills with our Haute Host Workshop Series.